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Field technician

Careers Position : Field technician RESPONSIBILITIES Diagnose and repair our equipments in the field and in our workshop Participate in reconditionning ol...



Voghel is recruting

We couldn’t be what we are without the contribution of each member of the Voghel team. Everyone is important at the company and therefore deserves respect, transparency, well-being and love.

We’re proud to provide superior working conditions to our collaborators. *

* We prefer the word “collaborator” to “employee” because we find it more inclusive and more empowering for the people who work with us.

The people who work with us receive fair and favourable compensation compared to their colleagues and to the market. We offer benefits and a pension fund to which we contribute half and half with each collaborator.

The most committed collaborators even have the chance to become shareholders in the company, regardless of their role. There will soon be seven of us with shares in the company!

We care about our people’s quality of life, their well-being at work and their pleasure in performing their duties.

We believe it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that its team members can aspire to a balanced life, with jobs that are respectful of their families and their values and that are rewarding and motivating.

We have put great effort into creating a workplace that is also a pleasant living environment, with an outdoor terrace where vegetables grow, a gym open evenings and weekends for collaborators and their families, a nap room for the more tiring days and ergonomic workstations that are comfortable, illuminated and well decorated.

The team we have succeeded in building over the last 21 years is our pride and joy.

We’d like to continue adding members to our project who resemble us.

Could the next one be you?