Environmental equipment


Environmental equipment

For decades, we’ve been in the habit of landfilling waste. Space was abundant, and the cost of digging a hole and throwing trash into it was minimal. When the hole was full, we would dig another one and fill it up in turn.

But times have changed. Increasingly, we understand the need to reuse items to the maximum, to recycle them when they’re unusable and still to make use of them when they reach their end of life. We’ve learned to convert what was seen as trash into new and useful materials of some value. Accordingly, we waste less, we reduce the quantity of virgin material gathered from the earth, we maximize a product’s economic value and we help heal our planet.

Finding value in waste is not simple. Sometimes, outlets for a material may be lacking, or the economic cost of conversion limits the possibilities for reuse. But in most situations, there is hope.

To succeed in recovering waste, we need the right equipment, productive machines that are smart, versatile, well designed and inexpensive to operate. Our machines process wood, contaminated soil, compost, concrete, scraps, tires, railway ties, etc. With our shredders, screens, windrow turners and other equipment, we are also contributing to the vital task of recycling waste to build a better world.

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Environmental equipment


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