It may be advantageous to use a stacking conveyor in a crushing, shredding or screening operation.

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Several types of equipment, includingcrushers,screensor shredders,already have one or more standard conveyors to discharge the finished product.

The handling of the finished product from point A to point B could in some cases be done by dump truck. However, considering the cost of gasoline and labour, as well as the fact that the operation must be halted at each convoy, the option of using a conveyor belt to stack the resource becomes much more optimal.

The conveyor also has the advantage of occupying a limited space on the site, a clear advantage over the operating conditions of the trucks. Whether the conveyor is positioned between two stages of the operating process or is stationed at the final route, it will be able to make itself useful to the task!

Choosing the right conveyor belt will generate savings and maximize the return and performance of operations.

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