Cone crushers

Cone crushers,also known as conical crushers, break the stone between an eccentric rotating head and a bowl.

The rotating head is covered with a wear-resistant coat. The large pieces are broken once between the two jaws, then the reduced pieces gradually descend into the crusher, where they continue to be fractured until they are small enough to pass through the narrow opening at the bottom of the break space.

A cone crusher can crush a wide variety of rocks, whose hardness varies from medium to hard. The operation of a cone crusher is similar to that of a rounding crusher. However, the slope in the breaking space of a cone crusher is gentler.

Although it is known for its ability to crush hard, abrasive rocks, cone crushers are more suitable for secondary crushing. It is designed to crush presized materials, usually 100 mm, 150 mm or 200 mm, and provide finished products of small granulometry.


  • Robust construction
  • High productivity
  • Easy adjustment
  • Low operating costs: This type of crusher is equipped with a spring release system that protects it from overload and allows encrusted materials to pass through the crushing space without damaging the crusher.
  • Affordable machine

Unadvised uses and other considerations:

  • The cone crusher cannot accept materials of any size. Materials must be pre-sized for the crusher (usually 200 mm or less).
  • The finished product is not homogeneous, which is a requirement for many material specifications.
  • Not suitable for handling clay or metal mixed with rock.


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