Impact crushers

Impact crushers, or percussion crushers, can be used as primary crushers, secondary or tertiary crushers, depending on their size and the technology they are equipped with.

They are equipped with hammers and impact plates. They are fed from above, then the stones are hit by hammers and thrown onto the plates. The stone breaks on the plate and bounces towards the hammers. The process is repeated until the stone reaches the desired size. Hammers are parts that we have in stock so we can make quick replacements.

Impact crushers are ideal for blended materials. They can crush clay, soil or metal mixed with feed material, such as rebar, metal mesh or anchors. They can crush hard materials,but are particularly suitable for soft to medium rocks.

Impact crushers,also known as hammer crushers, may have a horizontal axis or a vertical axis.

1) Horizontal axis:

Generate a uniform cubic product. Horizontal axis impact crushers can accept all power inputs and ensure maximum productivity for both primary and secondary grinding.


  • The impact allows for better control of the size of the crushing result to produce, for example, a more uniform cubic gravel.

Cons and additional considerations:

  • Operating costs may be higher.
  • Smaller parts may be more difficult to break since the crusher’s ability to fracture blocks is related to the energy accumulated by the stone on impact with the hammer. This energy is modulated by the speed of the hammer, but is also influenced by the mass of the stone.
  • The wear of the hammers depends on the crushed material.

2) Vertical axis:

The vertical axis creates quality sands. It crushes the gravel even more finely because it breaks the most persistent bonds of the aggregate. The result is a sand of optimal consistency and shape, especially to allow the manufacture of concrete. This machine combines rotational and impact energy to ensure crushing.


  • Large production capacity
  • High reduction rate
  • Low energy consumption
  • Uniform grain size

Cons and limitations:

  • Can only be used to obtain fine finished products

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