Jaw crushers

Jaw crushers are primary crushers, rock crushing equipment and other hard and abrasive materials, such as granite, ores or recycled concrete, usually for industrial use.

The crushing device consists of a fixed plate and a swivel plate called a jaw. The rock is trapped and crushed between the jaw teeth. An engine and belt transmit the movement to an eccentric shaft that drives the jaw by rotation. A spring brings this jaw back to let the crushed materials gradually descend into the crusher. When the materials are small enough, they fall into the space between the two jaws of the crusher. The crusher breaks the rock into small stones that are used particularly for the manufacturing of concrete for construction and roads.

Jaw crushers use rudimentary but reliable technology that does not require much maintenance or technical knowledge. They are the most popular crushers in the world. Jaw crushers are particularly suited to a process whose main objective is to reduce large blocks into smaller pieces that can then be treated with other equipment.


  • Low maintenance and operating costs due to low number of moving parts
  • Reduces raw material to about 150 mm

Uses not recommended:

  • Not suitable for small material requirements (less than 150 mm). If a smaller grain size is required at the end of grinding, jaw crushers can be used in combination withother crushers.
  • Not suitable for handling clay or metal mixed with rock.


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