The dehydrator is an economical and effective solution to the problems associated with the management of organic matter.

This equipment allows you to:

– Reduce the weight of organic matter by about 75%

– Reduce the volume of organic waste by more than 80%.

– Produce dry powder that is inert, sterilized, virtually odourless,and has high fertiliser potential.

– Remove clean water, without contaminant.


– Reduce the volume required to store organic materials and, at the same time, the amount of bins required.

– Reduce the weight of the material to be disposed of, and thus the cost of disposal.

– Reduce the number of lifts required for the layout, and thus all the manipulations it entails.

– Eliminate odour, leakage and vermin problems, and simplify the storage of the material.

– Generate a clean, easy-to-handle material that can be easily composted or used as a fertilizer.

– Participate in environmental protection by playing a key role in the circular economy, as well as reducing the number of trucks on the road.

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