The GC-300 dehydrator is an intermediate model of the range for dehydrating organic matter and more specifically food waste. This machine allows you to manage 300 kg of material daily.

The concept is simple: the machine is loaded with the organic matter you want to dispose of, this material is heated and brewed for a certain period of time, at a certain temperature, all depends on the type of organic matter. When the cycle ends, you get a dry and almost odorless residue that can be used for crops or animal food for example.

By disposing of your organic matter in this way, you contribute to the circular economy, avoid burial of these materials and preserve the environment.

technical specifications

Dimensions 1,900 x 1,350 x 1,752 mm
weight 1,308 kg
Capacity 300 kg per day
Power 208 / 220 / 240 / 480 V


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