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Why a slow shredder?

Slow shredders allow the material to be crushed by kneading it into the machine.

The low processing speed means that the different materials do not need to be treated, in return, the material resulting from this operation will require further processing steps.

Our slow shredders


Inventhor Type 9

DZ 750

DW 3060 Type F

DZ 750 E

DW 3060 Type F – Biopower


DW 2060 K

DZ 750 K

DW 3060 K Type F

DW 3060 K Type F – Biopower


DW 2060 E Stationär

Ceron Type 306

Ceron Type 206

Ceron Type 308

Ceron Type 256


TDS 820

TDS 825

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