Deep cone vertical thickener

Vertical decanters are based on the principle of static sedimentation and natural separation of suspended solid particles. During sedimentation, which takes place in the Matec sedimentation basins, solid particles (sludge) settle to the bottom of the structure, while clean water overflows from the upper drainage system and is discharged into special basins or pits (clean water tank).

The settling of the sludge at the bottom of the silo is accelerated by the use of polyelectrolytes (flocculants), while custom designs and dimensions create a water column that compresses the sludge and ensures the required sludge thickness.

The shape of the Matec vertical decanter, i.e. the right ratio between the cone and the upper cylinder, has been developed thanks to our experience in wastewater filtration. The slope of the cone perfects the thickening of the mud and the upper cylinder also serves as additional storage space.

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