Dany Michaud, guest of Elisabeth Crête, july 13, 2022 at 98.5 FM Montreal

In the current context of labour shortages, is age as important a factor as it may have been?

Voghel is now a distributor of ProStack in Quebec and Ontario

In order to better meet your needs, Voghel becomes a distributor of ProStack products in Quebec and Ontario.

Voghel is now your Finlay dealer in Ontario

After 25 years of service in Quebec distributing heavy equipment for crushing and the environment, Voghel is now a Finlay distributor in Ontario.

Dany Michaud, guest of Nathalie Normandeau, october 8, 2021 at 98.5 FM Montreal

Nathalie Normandeau, who hosted a show on the implementation of the 4-day week in some companies, received Dany Michaud.

Thanks for his entire career to Mr. Réjean Ricard

Voghel presented a plaque of thanks to Mr. Réjean Ricard, for his entire career as a mechanic in crushing.

The art of upcycling, upcycling in art

Some artists decide to use salvage materials to create their works. Who are they and what is their motivation?

Dany Michaud, guest of Isabelle Maréchal, April 12th, 2021 at 98.5 FM Montreal

Isabelle Maréchal, who was debating the impact of the pandemic on the middle class in Quebec, spoke to our president Dany Michaud.

How can your organic waste generate income?

Your organic waste of all kinds can be transformed using different processes to extract clean energy.

Rotochopper’s GB-250 bagger

Rotochopper’s GB-250 bagger bags a variety of products, from sand to grains and soil.

Why and how to fight the dust emitted during your crushing and environmental work or activities?

Dust emitted during your crushing and environmental work or activities can be controlled to avoid inconvenience.


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