High-quality, specialized service

Hydraulex is a company specializing in the design, modification and repair of your cylinders, pumps, engines or hydraulic and pneumatic valves.

They design, manufacture, maintain and install hydraulic systems for various and varied industries such as manutention, military, food, industrial, construction, agriculture and transportation.

They can also refurbish or modify all types of systems such as hydraulics, telescopic, pneumatics, suspension or lift platform.

Our experience

Hydraulex is our go-to partner when it comes to hydraulic repairs of certain parts on the equipment of our customers whose maintenance we provide.

We have always been satisfied with their excellent service and the quality of their work, even in times like currently when they are in reduced numbers!

Customer experiences

The company is evaluated on Google Maps with a score of 5/5, left by a customer:

Super fast service. Very courteous staff. I recommend it!

It is in line with all the good that we think of their service and we invite you to do business with them for your needs in this area of expertise.

How do I get there?

“Hydraulex” online

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