A career in the service of the environment

Mr. Jean-Yves Voghel began to take an interest in heavy equipment as a young man, especially heavy equipment in the environmental sector. He created J.Y. Voghel Inc. in 1996 by deciding to innovate by importing machines unavailable or even unknown in Quebec to contribute to the development of the environmental sector in Quebec!

Nearly a quarter of a century after the company’s inception, Voghel is more than ever a leader in Quebec’s environmental economy, and Mr. Voghel has passed the reins to Mr. Dany Michaud to lead the company. The company is always growing and looking for new talent. This Pierre-Lachance lifetime achievement award was therefore a reward for an extraordinary career in a field that was only in its infancy at the very beginning of the adventure.


Interview with Mr. Jean-Yves Voghel

Following this award ceremony, we asked Mr. Jean-Yves Voghel a few questions to share his thoughts and talk about life after Voghel!

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