Environmental equipment

environmental equipment

For decades, we’ve been in the habit of landfilling waste. Space was abundant, and the cost of digging a hole and throwing trash into it was minimal. When the hole was full, we would dig another one and fill it up in turn.

But times have changed. Increasingly, we understand the need to reuse items to the maximum, to recycle them when they’re unusable and still to make use of them when they reach their end of life. We’ve learned to convert what was seen as trash into new and useful materials of some value. Accordingly, we waste less, we reduce the quantity of virgin material gathered from the earth, we maximize a product’s economic value and we help heal our planet.

Finding value in waste is not simple. Sometimes, outlets for a material may be lacking, or the economic cost of conversion limits the possibilities for reuse. But in most situations, there is hope.

To succeed in recovering waste, we need the right equipment, productive machines that are smart, versatile, well designed and inexpensive to operate. Our machines process wood, contaminated soil, compost, concrete, scraps, tires, railway ties, etc. With our shredders, screens, windrow turners and other equipment, we are also contributing to the vital task of recycling waste to build a better world.

environmental equipment

our lineup


Doppstadt wood chipper

Doppstadt makes wood chippers that can produce square-shaped chips that are highly appreciated by paper companies. Powerful and precise, Doppstadt chippers are in a category of their own in chip production.


Gaia organic matter dehydrator

Gaia offers an economical and efficient solution to the problem of organic matter management. Reduce weight and volume by 75% ; Eliminate the inconvenience of odors and storage; Produce easily recyclable material. 


Tiger depackager

The Tiger is a new item on the market. It goes after organic waste that’s still in its packaging. In solid form like biscuits or liquid form like juices, and whether in cardboard, plastic or metal containers, the Tiger separates organic matter from its packaging, helping put it to new uses.


Rotochopper Go-bagger

Some activities may require putting material in bags. Rotochopper makes a simple and efficient bagging device that lets you bag your product quickly, whether soil, wood, compost, sand or stone.


EcoSift 4000 Windsifter

The EcoSift 4000 can be used to clean contaminated material through air and gravity action. It is especially effective at screening rejects in composting operations, separating light materials (plastic or paper), wood and heavy materials (rock) in addition to removing metals. Practical, efficient and soon indispensable!


Doppstadt DZ 750 combi shredder

The DZ 750 is a true monster of shredding. It combines the versatility of a slow-speed shredder at the initial stage and the efficiency of a high-speed grinder at the final stage, with a magnet in between to protect the high-speed grinder. You can therefore grind contaminated material of optimal size with a single machine!


Rotochopper RMT hammer mill

When wood needs to be finely ground, especially for the production of animal litter, the use of a hammer mill is often called for. The Rotochopper hammer mill is efficient and easy to use, producing a high-quality material.


Enveco sorting table

If you have a low volume of materials to sort, installing a complete sorting centre is probably unnecessary. The use of a mobile sorting table then becomes an excellent alternative. Ready to hit the road with a fifth wheel system, the Enveco sorting table can be unfolded and raised using a hydraulic system that lets you get to work in a hurry. Available in electric or diesel modes, it provides ideal flexibility for recycling.


Rotochopper Asphalt shingles grinder RG-1

It is hard to grind asphalt shingles. Abrasion and heat send operating costs up the roof on normal grinders. This is why you need a machine that is well protected, and powerful. The RG-1 was designed by Rotochopper especially for asphalt grinding.


Landfill compactors

Not all materials can be recycled. Once everything has been done to reclaim waste, only landfill remains for getting rid of what remains. The cost of building a landfill site is now higher than ever. This makes it necessary to maximize the capacity of each landfill cell. That’s when you’ll need heavy and efficient landfill compactors.

Since our earliest days, we’ve been the Quebec specialists in the landfill compactor market. Whatever your requirements and your budget, we’ve got the expertise to provide the machine you need.