Voghel committed to your success


On site

When a problem arises with your machine, you need to get back in operation quickly. That’s why we deploy a mobile team of skilled technicians.

Our mechanics are trained to conduct diagnoses and repairs on site, and they have many years’ experience with our machines.

No other crusher and shredder distribution company has the same quality or number of specialized technicians.



When heavier work is required on your equipment, or when you want fuller maintenance, it is important to have adequate space and repair conditions.

Our workshop, over 10,000 square feet large, is equipped to work on every type of machinery.

Combined with the skill of our technicians, we’re able to provide quick, high-quality repairs at truly competitive prices.


& training

Having a good machine is not all it takes. You still have to use it properly. Various factors can affect a machine’s productivity, which is why we take great care in training your operators so that they can use your machines in the right way.

Our technicians are available to make occasional visits to your sites, to check your operating methods and to offer suggestions on making your machines more productive, cheaper to operate and more reliable.



A machine’s lifespan varies according to how it has been used and maintained. At some point, it may become necessary to do a full reconditioning of the equipment.

We have the expertise to rebuild your machines completely, including taking them apart, analyzing components, repairing or reconditioning them, repairing the chassis, painting, replacing wiring and hydraulic systems, reassembling the machines and adjusting them.

Whether repairs are needed due to age or following a fire, your machine is in good hands with us!