Shredding and grinding is tough work. The shifting nature of the materials to be ground, the presence of contaminants or of extra-hard or extra-large pieces, the shocks sustained by the machine – all this means a grinder has to be solid, strong, powerful, rugged, stubborn, arrogant and fearless. It takes muscle – and intelligence – so that it can protect itself when necessary.

And the market for recycled materials can be tricky. Demand fluctuates hugely. Prices rise and fall continuously. Customers’ needs become more complex. What’s needed is a machine that can produce quality, that can adjust the material according to a customer’s needs, a machine that’s not too fussy about the material going in, able to sort, homogenize and grind it.

Guess what. We’ve got the best shredders and grinders on the market – the toughest, the strongest, beyond any doubt. Call us and find out!

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